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P. Allen Smith Presentation & Reception

P. Allen Smith, America’s best-known garden designer, will speak Saturday, March 23, 2019 at 1:30 pm at the Biedenharn Museum and Gardens. The program will be followed by an exclusive wine and cheese reception, at 5pm, in the gardens of the Biedenharn Museum. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Biedenharn Museum and Gardens.

“Much like the plants we grow, gardening is a love that matures with time rather than vanish altogether,” Smith said. “The Biedenharn Museum is beautiful, and I am excited to experience more of what Ouachita Parish has to offer.”

Described as an advocate for all things natural, Smith is an award-winning garden designer and lifestyle expert, providing ideas and inspiration through multiple platforms including broadcast, print, and new media. Locally, Smith’s gardening articles are featured in Delta Style Magazine. Known for sharing design, beauty and bounty, Smith is leading a project, Gardens of Somerset, in Ouachita Parish that will continue his life mission.

The Gardens of Somerset is an 18-acre development that will provide a diversity of desirable dwelling options for later-life individuals and those approaching their age. The integration and blueprinting of the architecture, master plan, and resident programming is being designed by Smith based upon his Garden Home living concept.

The project will integrate aesthetically into Ouachita Parish with appropriate architecture, grounds and gardens and will be distinctive from alternative ‘retirement communities’ due to unmatched planning, design, construction, and resident amenities.

A strong focus will be placed on maintaining residents’ high quality of life through sensory stimulation, community integration, social engagement, exercise, proximity to green space, and access to healthy, locally- sourced food.

“Moving into a multigenerational community shouldn’t mean you have to give up a hobby you are passionate about,” Smith said. “The Gardens of Somerset will be a place where later-life individuals can continue to cultivate their love for gardening while teaching younger generations the benefits of the craft.”

Don’t miss out on hearing from America’s premier landscape designer during this Biedenharn Museum and Gardens event. In addition to Saturday’s presentation, an exclusive post-presentation wine and cheese reception will be held in the gardens at the Biedenharn Museum commencing at 5pm. The reception is available to a limited number of guests who purchase tickets. Tickets for the 1:30pm presentation by Mr. Smith are $35, tickets for the wine and cheese reception are $45. Tickets for both events are $75 per person. Reservations are required for both events.

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