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There are always so many wonderful and exciting things happening at our museum. In this collection is a set that we hold near and dear to our hearts here at the Biedenharn: our Coke bottles. Despite the Biedenharn Coke Museum first opening in 2008, we have been collecting Coke bottles for well over 20 years.

In this section, explore the bottles that have held this American brand since 1894. When we say "Vintage," we are referring to bottles that not created for a specific event. These are bottles whose shape, size, color, and graphic design defined generations of Coca-Cola consumers. From the Hutchinson Stopper model all the way to the plastic that we recognize today, the Coca-Cola bottle is an extension of the Biedenharn legacy and we are proud to share that with you through this online collection. Click the "Vintage Bottles" title to start!

Coke Bottle 1912 to 1916_edited.jpg

In this section, explore the unique commemorative bottles that have occupied the collector's conscious for nearly 80 years. Created to honor Christmastime, Sporting Events, or Anniversaries, the rarity and finitude that define these bottles make them an incredibly valuable part of our collection. Click the "Commemorative Bottles" title to start!

1987 NLU National Champions Bottle_edite

Though overlooked by many Coca-Cola historians, these jugs hark back to a time when a customer could expect to have their classic soda mixed right in front of them at the counter or when corporations would hand-make batches to sell to large pools of consumers. These bottles, therefore, are not just a piece of Coca-Cola history: their instructions on the front take us back to what it was like when sodas were made with syrup, seltzer water, and a throw glass. Click the "Vintage Syrup Jugs" title to start!

Coca-Cola Bottle Collection: Exhibitions
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