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Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

Inclement Weather, Disaster and Disruption/Loss of Services or other Emergency Policy - Updated April 4, 2022


Inclement Weather - For the safety of our staff and guests, the museum will close during dangerous and impending dangerous weather conditions and periods of recovery after such events, including:


  • Winter weather such as Snow, Ice, Freezing Conditions;

  • Severe Thunderstorms;

  • Hurricanes;

  • Area Flooding.


When either the Ouachita Parish Public Schools or Monroe City Public Schools are closed for inclement weather events, the Executive Director will consider closing the Museum. When the museum is closed, critical employees may visit the campus to determine the damage and needs of the property.


Employees assigned to work, who have not been called or texted by 7:00 am by  their direct supervisor with closing information, shall call Executive Director’s Cell phone between 7:00 - 9:00 am for closing information either by direct conversation with the Director or via a voice mail message.


During the Summer or other times when schools are regularly closed, the Executive Director will make a determination.


This policy:


  • Prevents questions from occurring about our facility closing.

  • Makes it easy for all employees to be aware of closings.

  • Is intentionally overly cautious.

  • Reduces multiple phone calls and confusion amongst staff per the museum closing.


If tours are scheduled on days that we are closed due to this policy, the Tour Guide Coordinator will attempt to inform our situation’s tour group leaders.


Disruption/Loss of Services or other emergencies - When there is a disruption or loss of necessary services, typically electricity or water/sewage, national emergency, epidemic or pandemic, etc., the Executive Director may close the Museum offices and public functions. Direct supervisors will inform the staff of the closure.


Questions? Concerns?


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